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Claim your Erotic Power

Welcome home...

Walking this earth we've forgotten who we are.


I'm here to help you remember.



Because beyond being and doing what's expected of us in this world, there's more power, pleasure, freedom and joy than you thought possible.

I want that for you.

I'm a transformational teacher in the sacred feminine and erotic arts.

"After a session with Tricia I felt grounded, beautiful, feminine and light"

Tammie Brooks, Canada



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Michelle Lachman

I've returned to my feminine sensual body during the tantric ritual session with Tricia. Each moment of the pleasurable event she brought into being made me feel loved, alive and grounded.  It was an experience for which I didn't know what to expect so I was initially nervous. But Tricia created a space where my body felt perfect as it is. Through Tricia's graceful and sage guidance, I was reminded that my body deserves to be honored and revered. Through this beautiful and profound ritual she's opened up a new world within which I'm curious to explore. 

Dean Powell

I recently attended a Tao Tantra retreat with a group of men to ‘Meet Women’ at an authentic level. Tricia Karp facilitated the event with such gentle, clear, and loving space and everyone I spoke with afterwards said they felt so grateful and blessed to be there. I’ve run men’s circles for a number of years now and I know how important ‘safe space’ is and Tricia embodies this quality.
I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to explore their inner world and do it with an authentic, loving and committed leader.

Tammie Brooks

As a busy entrepreneur I lose touch with my femininity and like so many I struggle with self love. After a Tantric Ritual Session with Tricia I felt grounded, beautiful, feminine and light.  She knows how to create a safe space and truly honour the goddess you are

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