Tricia Karp

I'm Tricia Karp

BOOKING NOW: FOUND ~ Bodywork for women who are busy and stressed and want to feel calm, centred and blissful.

Walking this earth as women we've forgotten who we are.

I'm here to help you remember.

Why? Because beyond being and doing what's expected of us in this world, there's more power, pleasure and radiance than most of us thought possible. 

I want that for you.

I'm a transformational teacher and women's health and well-being practitioner.

Tricia Karp

Reclaim your Power & Radiance

"After a session with Tricia I felt grounded, beautiful, feminine and light"

Tammie Brooks, Canada

Sessions, Workshops & Retreats

Private Coaching

In-person sessions available for women & couples in SA and online 

Bodywork & Qigong

For every woman who wants to feel deeply relaxed, nourished and grounded, return home to her heart and discover more inner strength and bliss

Workshops & Retreats

Upcoming workshops & retreats in Australia and overseas



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Michelle Lachmann, USA

I've returned to my feminine sensual body during the tantric ritual session with Tricia. Each moment of the pleasurable event she brought into being made me feel loved, alive and grounded. It was an experience for which I didn't know what to expect so I was initially nervous. But Tricia created a space where my body felt perfect as it is. Through Tricia's graceful and sage guidance, I was reminded that my body deserves to be honored and revered. Through this beautiful and profound ritual she's opened up a new world within which I'm curious to keep exploring. 

Katarzyna Majak, Poland

Working with Tricia is like mixing intense coaching and therapy with  the beautiful dance of laughter and reconnection with oneself. Her very presence made me feel at home. Her sense of humour made me laugh at my conditioning and forced self-beliefs. Meeting Tricia brought inspiration, lightness, and helped me see my feminine essence and its depth. Tricia is a smart, courageous, beautiful, highly spiritual yet grounded woman of wisdom. 

MF, Australia

I had been feeling flat in energy, regularly burning out, my self-worth had plummeted to a new low and I was at a loss to know what to do about it. Although I had fears and doubts about taking the leap into the retreat, my desire for change outweighed the fear. I am eternally gratefully I took this leap!  I experienced a deep opened of my heart and I remembered who I am again. Since the retreat I have a brightness which others have noticed too! I feel alive, happier within myself, strong in my sensual and feminine energy. I feel radiant and glowing!

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