About my body of work

I’m a transformational leader in the sacred feminine and erotic arts.


I guide women and men who sense deep down there has to be more, and are ready to awaken to their own truth and aliveness.


My clients want to feel deeply fulfilled in life and their relationships, and are open to recognising that their sensuality and sexuality is a potential gateway to more power and pleasure in every part of their lives.


Through embodiment, dance, Tantra and Tao, astrology,  ritual and pleasure, I guide and support my clients home to themselves.


I work intensively 1:1 with clients, and as an international workshop and retreat facilitator, speaker, and writer.

I believe most of us don't need fixing. There's nothing wrong with us. It's our programming that holds us back.


I do my best work with people who seek depth and are ready for a leap that’s nothing short of revolutionary.

We all have an entire universe of possibility within us. I’m here to help you access yours, using the wisdom of the sacred feminine and erotic arts as our loving guide.

About Tricia Karp

I’ve had many titles over the years, including award-winning prime time TV and radio journalist and presenter, business owner, best-selling author, executive coach, astrologer, corporate trainer, mother and fierce advocate for women’s power.

I’ve run sold-out workshops and retreats in Australia and Bali, and published two books, including an Amazon international number one best-seller.

People who know me say I’ve lived a lot of life.

I’ve also navigated divorce, toxic relationships, bouts of severe fatigue, doses of depression and anxiety, and the kind of crippling grief that made me question how the rest of the world could function normally around me.

During a kundalini (spiritual) awakening I remembered who I truly am, and committed to guiding other women who want to walk their own path to their power and truth.

What matters most to me is redeeming our true power, aliveness and pleasure in a world that mostly doesn’t even know what that means. 

It will make life better for you, as it has me, and the world. I know this deep in my heart, soul and bones.

Let's do this

These are the ways I can help you own your feminine power:

My qualifications:

● Sacred Femininity Teacher (Tao Tantric Arts)
● The Leadership Circle – TLCP, TLCS
● Accredited Executive Coach Level 1 & 2 – IECL
● Fierce Conversations certificate
● Cert IV Training & Assessment
● Diploma of Astrology (AGE International)
● BA (Journalism)

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