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About my body of work

A few years ago and recently out of a relationship with a man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, I turned to my inner wise woman and asked her advice about what I needed to do to become my most powerful self.


This is what she said:


  • Don’t compromise your truth

  • Never marry again. Take lovers, but never marry again

  • Your devotion and commitment must be to yourself only, and the women you are here to serve. Devote your life to becoming the wise woman you truly are, and help other women to do the same


Our meeting was profound.


I’d already been running my business for six years, to help women

speak and lead powerfully. But this message from my inner wise

woman set me on a quest to get to the heart of what our power as

women really is.


I believe:


  • Few of us have been taught what our power is, let alone how                                                              to use it

  • We’re up against a system designed to keep us quiet, small, nice, acceptable - and powerless. That system has created Programmed Women, not Powerful Women

  • Much of our power hasn't been accessible to us because we've tried to do all the right things within that system, and that's keeping us from our pleasure, radiance and joy

  • More than ever, our world needs us to know and live our power as women, after centuries of patriarchy robbed it from us and controlled us

  • Deep down, we know what is true, and it’s time for us to live in alignment with our truth – for ourselves, our children, and the world

  • Communities of women dedicated to the same purpose are powerful, and can move mountains


What I’m most interested in is the areas of our lives where we've been told and sold and live the biggest lies – the areas in which we’ve become the most powerless – including how we express our voice (or don’t), our sexuality, and our relationship with our body and self love.

My work is the gateway to helping you see, access and live the parts of yourself that have been repressed and contain immense power, freedom and joy - the parts of you that are raw, feminine, erotic and wild.


I’m committed to becoming the woman I’m meant to be, and helping you to do the same.


Let’s do this together.

Find out about how we can work together here.

About Tricia Karp

I’ve had many titles over the years, including award-winning prime time TV and radio journalist and presenter, business owner, best-selling author, executive coach, astrologer, corporate trainer, mother and fierce advocate for women’s power.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women around the world, and presented to hundreds more. I’ve run sold-out workshops and retreats in Australia and Bali, and published two books, including an Amazon international number one best-seller.

People who know me say I’ve lived a lot of life.

I'm a one-woman show and a full-time solo mum.

I’ve navigated divorce, toxic relationships, bouts of severe fatigue, doses of depression and anxiety, and the kind of crippling grief that made me question how the rest of the world could function normally around me.

During a kundalini (spiritual) awakening I remembered who I truly am, and committed to guiding other women who want to walk their own path to their power and truth.

I stand for our pain, silence, rage and disconnection… and our beauty, vulnerability, authenticity, sensuality, truth and pleasure as the path home.

What matters most to me is redeeming our true power and aliveness in a world that mostly doesn’t even know what that means. 

It will make the world better for you, as it has me, and the world. I know this deep in my heart, soul and bones.

Let's do this

These are the ways I can help you own your power:

  • I offer private coaching online and retreats in Bali

  • I push edges on my blog. A lot of what I write about is personal and deemed not acceptable by mainstream social media channels. Doesn't that say it all?! 

  • I write a weekly love letter. You can join my tribe here

  • I have a private Facebook group for women called Enter the Temple where I post lots of live videos and there's plenty of conversation. Want to step inside? You're so welcome!

  • I'm on Facebook and Instagram. Even though I can't push the edges as much as I'd like there, I'm committed to using my voice to helping more women access our power.

My qualifications:

● Sacred Femininity Teacher (Tao Tantric Arts)
● The Leadership Circle – TLCP, TLCS
● Accredited Executive Coach Level 1 & 2 – IECL
● Fierce Conversations certificate
● Cert IV Training & Assessment
● Diploma of Astrology (AGE International)
● BA (Journalism)