FOUND Bodywork 



1. having been discovered by chance or unexpectedly

2. How you feel when you have regular bodywork sessions that bring you home to yourself 

Would you love…


To feel less stressed?


To feel more grounded and calm and connected with yourself and your body?


To feel more relaxed and peaceful within yourself?


To feel more sensual and experience more pleasure?


Would you love to feel... FOUND?

More of the Benefits

This bodywork is not a massage. It's an ancient Tantric meditation that uses gentle, long stroking touch. It brings the body into a state of presence, deep relaxation and rest, and blissfulness. It is strictly non-sexual.


 The are so many benefits to this type of meditative bodywork. It can:

  • Relieve and reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve immune system function

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce fatigue and help you sleep better

  • Improve symptoms of conditions like fibromyalgia and lupus

  • Help reduce nausea, fatigue and other side effects of cancer treatment

  • Heal trauma and create a sense of safety and security in the body for women who've experienced sexual abuse

  • Release the feel-good hormone oxytocin and provide touch for bodies craving it

  • Improve focus, decision-making, resilience and creativity

  • Integrate your mind and body

You'll feel:

  • Calmer and much more relaxed

  • A greater sense of inner peace

  • More centred

  • More confident

  • More love for your body 

  • More sensitive to pleasure 

  • A new sense of spaciousness in yourself and your life

  • As though you have a lot more time in your life. You'll start to make new choices about how you use your time

  • More in control

  • More connected to yourself and your body and its wisdom

How it works

FOUND is a series of bodywork sessions that doesn't require you to learn anything new, take time off work, or drastically change your schedule to try to fit it in.

I'm making this very easy for you. 

All you need to do is give me one hour a week, for 10 weeks, to visit my sanctuary in Norwood or Wattle Park. 

You'll lie on a massage table with a sarong over you and receive a bodywork session from me. It's as simple - and profound - as that.

You'll walk out at the end of the first session feeling different from how you arrived. The impact will continue to grow each week.

Coming to stillness will start to become more natural for you. You'll feel more grounded and peaceful, more relaxed, clearer in your mind, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing.

"My session with Tricia was absolutely lovely. I felt so safe and held by Tricia. It was very soothing, and I felt extremely relaxed and blissed out by the end of the session. I was in a wonderful meditative-type state during the session, and the gentle buzz continued throughout the evening. By the end I felt more grateful for my body, calm and extremely warm-hearted. It helped me to get out of my head and focus on the gentle touch. I found it better than massage for relaxation, and the feeling endured long after the buzz of a massage would normally wear off" ~ Amanda Taylor

"I loved the session, fabulous. I felt very nurtured and most importantly I loved and appreciated 'integration time' that to me created the most powerful impact. I am a massage junkie and love the feeling but it doesn't integrate the feeling and benefits of it because you just jump off the table and race back to life! What I found enjoying the integration time was that I felt the alignment and multiple benefits of the grounding of 'the Sally' that was very profound" ~ Sally Curtis

"To be in Tricia's presence and wisdom is to be bathed in love and light. My somatic experience was one of deep relaxation and joy. I had arrived with pain and anxiety and left with a feeling of deep peace, wellbeing, and a renewed sense of my beauty and power as a strong and sensual woman. I have worked with Tricia for many years, one on one, in groups and on retreat. I have always experienced deep healing along with inner growth and wellbeing. There is always magic and healing in the air when Tricia weaves her loving spiritual energy" ~ Kate Woodland  

Your Investment

Your investment in FOUND is $1100.

We'll book a 60 minute session for you once a week for 10 weeks. I understand that life happens and unexpected things occurs, so you'll have 13 weeks to use all your sessions in case you need to reschedule one or two.

I also understand that if you haven't experienced this type of bodywork before you might want to "try before you buy."


I offer a single session at the special rate of $60. If, after your session, you choose to secure your space in FOUND, I'll put your payment towards the full program of 10 sessions (saving you a total of $170).

Please note that I don't otherwise offer single sessions. I created FOUND as a program to give you the full cumulative benefit of this bodywork. 

There are limited spaces available.

Please get in touch to find out more and make a booking, and read my policies here.

I look forward to welcoming you home to yourself, to your deep relaxation, peace and bliss.

Let's address your resistance...

Are you thinking you can't possibly commit to one hour a week for yourself? Are you too busy? Is it too hard to try to fit it in?

Are you wondering whether investing in FOUND will really make a difference in your life?

Whatever you're not changing you're choosing.

FOUND will take you from stressed and exhausted to calm, connected and blissful. More and more this will start to become your natural way of being. FOUND will give you back time, energy and inner peace.

Is that worth one hour a week for you?