Master your Life Force Energy

Qigong - sometimes referred to as Chi Kung or Chinese Yoga - means "energy directing exercise" or mastery of life force. 

It is a practice for radiant health and well-being that:

  • Develops energetic harmony, balance and mindfulness

  • Helps you to become centred, grounded and rooted

  • Helps you to manage and prevent stress and tension

  • Improves your flexibility and strength

  • Channels Qi (energy) through your body

  • Awakens and nourishes your spiritual path

I have been practising Qigong for 15 years and teaching it for three. The focus of my practice - and what I teach - are gentle and soothing workouts that nourish women's vitality:

  • Guide you home to your internal power and strength 

  • Balance your hormones

  • Energise your bones and joints

  • Heal your organs

  • Clear emotional energy blocks 

  • Harmonise the breath

  • Balance your energy

  • Increase longevity

  • Open your heart

  • Unfold your potential

Just a basic level of fitness is required for Qigong practice.

Private Sessions

I offer private Qigong sessions and tailor a personalised program to specifically suit you and the outcomes you want to achieve. The greatest benefits will be gained by doing a well-designed practice on a regular basis.

Private sessions are available in either of these ways:

  • To establish a personal home practice, or

  • Ongoing one-on-one teaching

1. To establish a personal home practice

Three private sessions are required to establish your practice.

This includes an initial 60 minute consultation to assess your needs and devise your program. You'll start to learn the exercises to practice at home.

In the second session we will go through the practices together and make any changes as necessary. 

In the third session we'll practice the exercises together, fine tune, and record them so that you have a video to refer to when you're doing your program at home. 

Your investment is $275 + GST

2. Ongoing one-on-one teaching

One-on-one sessions are private, with just the two of us, doing a 60 minute class together.

A range of meditations and exercises are taught depending on your needs on the day.

Individual sessions are $85 + GST.

Package of 5 (to be used within six weeks): $415+ GST 

Package of 10 (to be used within 12 weeks): $800 + GST 

At this time I'm not offering regular group classes. 

To find out more and make an appointment for Qigong please get in touch.