Honoured package



Self-Love and Bliss

This divine package is for women who could do with a dose of honouring...

Women who could do with a reminder of their beauty, sensuality, and bliss...

Women who want to feel calmer and more relaxed and alive and radiant.

Women who are willing to invest in two hours of self-love and float out into the world afterwards with more love in their heart and for their body.

We'll spend two hours together immersing in a beautiful honouring ritual. 

Your senses will be awakened, your body will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and bliss. Your heart will open.


After the sensory awakening experience and meditative bodywork, you'll enjoy a nurturing breast massage and finish this divine healing ritual with a flower foot bath and massage.

Your investment in honouring yourself is $295 + GST

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