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Healing Touch Sessions

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Healing Touch is beneficial for every woman who wants to experience deep relaxation, inner peace and  pleasure, and feel calmer and more connected with her heart. For many women Healing Touch creates feelings of bliss.

For women who've suffered abuse or other trauma Healing Touch can be beneficial for creating a greater sense of safety in their body.


Healing touch sessions are 50 minutes. You'll lie on a massage table with a sarong covering your body.

Please note: Healing Touch sessions are for women only and are strictly non-sexual.

"My Healing Touch session with Tricia was absolutely lovely. I felt so safe and held by Tricia. It was very soothing, and I felt extremely relaxed and blissed out by the end of the session. I was in a wonderful meditative-type state during the session, and the gentle buzz continued throughout the evening. By the end I felt more grateful for my body, calm and extremely warm-hearted. It helped me to get out of my head and focus on the gentle touch. I found it better than massage for relaxation, and the feeling endured long after the buzz of a massage would normally wear off.' ~ Amanda Taylor

"I loved the session, fabulous. I felt very nurtured and most importantly I loved and appreciated the 'integration time' that to me created the most powerful impact. I am a massage junkie and love the feeling but it doesn't integrate the feeling and benefits of it because you just jump off the table and race back to life! What I found enjoying the integration time was that I felt the alignment and multiple benefits of the grounding of 'the Sally' during this time that was very profound." ~ Sally Curtis


Single session: $115 

Package of 10 sessions to be used within 12 weeks: $1035 (usually $1150 - save $115).

Please read my policies before making a booking.



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