1:1 Mentoring

My work is in service to the embodiment of your power in every part of your life.


Your powerful voice. Your sacred purpose. Your love for yourself. Your relationships with others. Your body. Your creativity. Your finances. Your pleasure. Your sexuality. Your spirituality.


My intentions are to:


  • Guide you to see what it is you do, and the stories you believe, that keep you separate from yourself, your power and truth. This disconnection is what causes us pain

  • Support you to come home to yourself. This is where you feel whole, at ease with yourself, owning and standing in your power


In our work together you’ll access and embody who you are behind the masks you wear, the ways you abandon yourself, the shame you carry, and the ways you strive to gain validation from others.


As you give yourself permission to be who you truly are, you’ll unleash your life force energy. It will activate your power and creativity. You’ll feel more alive and free.


You’ll learn what it feels like to live in ways that are connected and aligned with your truth. This will become your compass for the choices you make and actions you take in your life.


I believe that what you want wants you, and your desires are doorways to your truth. You'll walk through those doorways in our work together, and have a greater capacity to attract and receive what you desire.


We’ll work with your boundaries and how to embody your rising power.


It can look like this, depending on where your desire is leading you:


  • Moving from hiding to clearly articulating the power of who you are and what you do by owning your voice and using it, confidently putting yourself out there with your mission or at work

  • Shifting from feeling trapped by doubt and fear to living your purpose with fully aligned clarity and vision, feeling lit up, alive and free as you move forward on the path that’s yours to walk 

  • Ditching feeling scattered and overwhelmed, and distracted by self-doubt or other people’s ideas or expectations of you. You trust yourself and stay in your own lane

  • Stopping putting yourself last. Your desires and needs are your priority and you communicate them with honesty, ease and grace

  • Moving away from abandoning yourself and giving away your power in relationships to stepping into the fullness of who you really are. Your love for yourself comes first, and from there you have more love to give others and experience the depth of connection and intimacy you crave

  • Shifting from disconnection to entering deep intimacy with a partner, in the ways you communicate and sexually

  • Letting go of behaviours and relationships that drain you. You have more energy, vitality and aliveness. No more depleted woman syndrome or exhaustion

  • Moving from body shame to loads of self-love and much more pleasure

  • Shifting from getting by to thriving, living in alignment with your desires and upgrading the quality of what you’re able to receive


This isn’t talk therapy. We’re working with embodying the energy of the stories you’re longing to live, so that you can transform your world from the inside out.


Please note: This work isn’t for everyone. You’ll need to bring your sincere longing and commitment, and be willing to do the work.


I only say yes to people for whom I feel I can be of my highest service.


I also offering mentoring for couples.

The details

Mentoring begins at a one-month minimum investment of time.


We meet weekly, 4 times a month. Each session is 60-75 minutes and held via Zoom.

I custom design practices and recordings for you to cultivate our work together between sessions.


It’s important that you embody the work we’re doing together on a consistent basis. I’m available to you between sessions via WhatsApp for voice and text messages. I will always respond to your messages within 24 hours.


Our work together is designed to align with your unique desires, needs, and opportunities for growth. This is different for every client.


Find out more by filling out the application below. Please only fill out the application if you are fully ready to invest in working together. If you'd benefit from a payment plan let me know.


I’ll read your application and organise a time to speak so that we can further explore working together.


If you are ready, I’m so looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you.

Questions & Answers

What do you cover in your work with couples?

I support couples to embody their power so that they can enter and experience deep connection and intimacy. 


Mentoring is for couples who long to create a story of togetherness that includes authenticity, open communication, pleasure, and trust. They want to deepen their energetic and sexual connection at the same time as embodying more personal power, truth and wholeness. The energetics of two people coming together is delicate, yet they hold unlimited possibilities for growth and power.

A focus of this work is letting go of fear and shame around sexuality, and learning how to comfortably express desires and boundaries in intimacy.

Both partners need to want to do this work. I only accept couples on this basis.

Do you do in-person sessions and retreats?

Yes. I offer retreats for women in Bali. I also offer in-person intensives for individuals and couples in the Northern Rivers region (near Byron Bay) in NSW. Please get in touch to find out more.

Words from clients

I felt lost emotionally and spiritually when I started working with Tricia. Now there has been a big shift for me in my boundaries and expectations. I've moved on from trauma and have my confidence back. I'm more me now and I do things that are nurturing for me. I'm preserving myself and putting myself first. Some of our work together was uncomfortable but it was exactly what I needed. Tricia creates a safe, sacred space with colourful patches for fun and laughter. Something has finally lifted. I feel great!

~ Janette Gogler

I worked with Tricia at a time of change, and I was experiencing fatigue and finding it harder to keep my game face on. I've learned that "No" is a full sentence and I don't justify myself anymore. I'm not sitting back quietly raging in my head when I hear or see bad behaviour, I speak up against it, letting my voice be heard. I've connected with my inner wisdom. And I no longer identify myself through my corporate role, but through those things outside of work that make my heart sing.

~ Carolyn Parrella

I worked with Tricia when I'd had a big change in my life and I needed help to navigate the upheaval and create my life on my terms. I've now taken steps to choose what makes me happy and fulfilled in my life. I focus on me and I include people in my life who embolden me and don't sap my energy. Tricia showed me how to tap into and listen to my inner feminine wisdom. Even though I was dead broke at the time, working with Tricia was a prudent investment. It short-circuited years of soul-searching.


~ Jacqui Wright