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Us... in five minutes

I speak about love. I speak about relationships. I speak about what's healthy and what isn't when it comes to connecting and relating and loving. I speak about what it takes to build a healthy, meaningful and satisfying relationship.
Because we're not born knowing. And I believe we really want relationships that thrive. I think the world will be better for all of us when more of us have them. 
I'm here to help you have what you want and need in your relationships. I'm here to do that in an easily accessible way with my podcasts. They're quick to listen to (just five minutes or fewer), and each episode contains insights and guidance that you can implement immediately in your relationships. 
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Episode 1: 

Here we go with the first episode of Us... in five minutes (except it'll only take three minutes). Listen to find out more about who I am, what this podcast is all about, and how it can support you to have healthy, meaningful and satisfying relationships.

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