This is a written version of my love letter I sent to my audience on January 27th. My usual way is to send audio love letters. I value connection and I think they're more personal. You can sign up here to receive them each week. Alternatively, you can read the written version below. Either way, I hope what I say is useful to you. Thank you for being here 🌹.


I’ve been a hermit for the past few months. Thank you to those of you who’ve checked in to see how I am. I haven’t been great in corresponding.

And now it’s time for me reconnect with the world, so…

I want to share with you what I’m starting to put out in to the world as in the hope it’ll serve you in some way.

As many of you know, I came back to Australia from Bali for what I initially thought would be a short time.

It hasn’t turned out that way, and last year was very much about settling back in Adelaide again where so much was the same but I was different after living in Bali for 14 months.

It was a bigger process than I could have predicted, for me and my daughter, and I’ve really spent the past few months being quite hidden away. I needed that.

The past month or so has been about tuning in to what lights me up most as I now intentionally create my life and business here.

My focus will be on my work as a transformational teacher in sensuality, sex, love and relationships.

The impact of this work in my own life continues to be extraordinary, as it has been for my clients.

For those of you who are in Adelaide, I’m offering in-person private sessions for women and couples in my new office in Norwood. I’ll continue to offer online sessions for people who are outside Adelaide.

One aspect of this work I’m very passionate about and excited to offer is Healing Touch for women.

It’s something I’m trained in and was doing for clients in Bali. The first time I experienced it I thought “This is a miracle,” and, “Every woman needs this”

It’s far more relaxing than the best massage, and it brings you home to your heart, and more pleasure and even bliss.

I used to meet weekly with a friend to exchange sessions, and no matter how I was feeling at the start of a session (especially if I was grumpy or stressed or disconnected from myself) by the end I’d walk out feeling peaceful and blissful and deeply relaxed and at home in myself – every time.

I’m offering this to you because I know that in our busy lives it’s not easy to nourish ourselves in ways that bring us home to ourselves – our feminine power, our pleasure, and the beauty of who we truly are as women.

I explain a lot more about it on my website. Here is the link: Healing Touch.

My office opens on February 8th, and I have a special offer for bookings for Healing Touch for the first 3 weeks where you’ll save $15 on a session.

If you feel drawn to experiencing Healing Touch I’ve be honoured to welcome you into my new office in Norwood and provide it for you.

I expect I’ll be back in touch more regularly from now on.

Thank you so much for listening.

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