This is a written version of my love letter I sent to my audience on February 2, 2021. My usual way is to send audio love letters. I value connection and I think they're more personal. You can sign up here to receive them each week. Alternatively, you can read the written version below. Either way, I hope what I say is useful to you. Thank you for being here ❤️.


I want to talk just for a moment about why I’m doing these audio love letters to you.

Connection is what I value most, and I feel that I can share a lot more with you from my voice than just my written words – tone and personal connection (as much as it can be this way) counts for so much.

I’m also shifting into audio emails now – personal emails so if you get one from me it is real, it’s not spam.

I’ve sent out a few that haven’t elicited a response and I think people think it’s spam because we’re not used to seeing audio emails.

I want to assure if you receive one from me it’s the real deal!

I haven’t posted anything on Facebook for more than 3 months and I can’t tell you how good that’s felt – I feel so much closer to myself, and lighter.

Every time I think about posting on Facebook my whole body says NO.

It’s a big thing. I’m really going against the grain with that because I’ve used Facebook in the past to market my business.

I am in a couple of groups I do look at occasionally, and I’m still a bit of a browser. My intention though, ultimately, is to not be on social media at all.

I don’t want to use it to market my business. I’m far more interested in real connections offline. I don’t need to be a global sensation, I don’t need to be the next millionaire, I don’t need hundreds of thousands of people on my “list." I really just want to keep my life as simple as possible and do good work for those who are drawn to working with me – and serve as best I can.

I’m trusting I can make that work even though it feels like a big leap to stay away from social media.

So, if you’re still interested in hearing from me, this love letter is the place to stay – and it’s where I’ll announce upcoming workshops and possibly retreats.

I’m currently planning my calendar for the rest of the year.


Something I reflect upon just about daily is relationships – our relationship with ourselves and one another.

Because at the end of the day I really feel that’s all we have.

I’ve been sitting with some questions for myself that I hope are useful for you too:

Where are you operating from?

Towards yourself? In all your relationships?

What impact is that having?

The call is getting louder and louder in this world for us to operate more from our heart – we know that, we know that the world would be a better place if we could all do that, if we could truly love with all our heart, and make decisions that are compassionate, that are wise.

If we could access the higher frequency of devotion – to ourselves and to those we love.

I was watching a webinar the other day with Om Rupani whose writing about devotion I really appreciate.

He was saying that when we operate from our lower chakras – the first to the third – we’re in the survival and earthly mode. If you know anything about chakras this is the basic foundation.

And as long as our energies are operating from those chakras – literally from survival and worrying about our survival, and feelings around self-worth or a lack of it, as well as our personal power and how that’s working for us – or not - we can’t access devotion.

Devotion lives in the 4th chakra, the heart centre.

We need to be able to move our energy up from the lower chakras to the heart.

That’s where we can access true adoration, devotion, and love and compassion - as well as heartbreak.

As Om says, and as I say too – we’ve forgotten about all of this, we’ve forgotten who we truly are.

Devotion has been lost, it’s not part of our culture for most of us.

We don’t go to the temple, most of us don’t go to church, we don’t live in a culture where there’s reverence for one another that’s born of devotion.

It comes naturally from the feminine heart, it is up to us to guide the way in this world, to be that change.

We all have masculine and feminine energy – women and men. This is about accessing our feminine energy, accessing our heart.

I want to ask you the questions again:

Where are you operating from? Which chakras?

Towards yourself? In all your relationships?

What impact is that having?

Are you coming from your heart or the lower chakras of survival, and self-worth, and personal power?

It sounds simple to move away from those lower chakras and come into your heart. And, most of us haven’t been taught how to do that, how to move the energy up in our bodies.

When I talk about coming home to yourself, this is what I mean – coming home to your heart – to love, compassion and devotion.

It’s a profound and beautiful way of living and relating. While it sounds simple it isn’t easy, especially when we live in a world where that’s not the norm.

We need to be taught, and we need support, ideally from a collective of other people who are walking the same path.

That’s what I’m here for – for you.

If you’d love to experience coming home to yourself, to your heart, in a way that requires simply lying down and breathing and receiving – you don’t have to do anything more - I’d love for you to book a Healing Touch session with me if you’re in Adelaide

It’s an easy way for you to start accessing your heart, to come home to yourself, and to feel deeply relaxed and peaceful and even blissful.

I’ll put the link below for you – I have a special offer to coincide with the opening of our new office in Norwood (Link: Healing Touch).


If there’s something particular you’d love to explore in a workshop in the realms of sensuality, pleasure, sex and love and relationships, I’d love to hear from you. You can reply to this email and tell me.

Thank you so much for being here, I know that our inboxes get inundated and I truly appreciate you taking the time to listen to what I’m sharing.

I hope it’s useful to you.

Have a great week.

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