• Tricia Karp

What makes it better

At times when we're called to tend to our soul, because the world is too much or we're in pain or we're navigating an experience of loss or significant change, or if we're feeling stressed and frustrated and angry or any other number of emotions that hurt, we can choose something useful to make it better, even if just for a moment or a few.

Instead of avoiding what we don't want to feel, and distracting ourselves with what we might later regret and know deep down isn't good for us, we can choose something we enjoy that isn't filled with empty calories and always leave us hungry. We can choose something to balance the scales a little and nourish us.

Distraction can be useful when it's made of the right doses of healthy and truly satisfying ingredients. Or perhaps it's not even distraction, but a choice to listen to what we need and serve ourselves accordingly, with love and care.

Something pleasant is useful. Pleasure and enjoyment are useful and possible, and make life richer too, even if just for what might feel like a fleeting moment, especially when we're traversing the dark and murky Underworld.

The rumbling purr of a cat laying in the sunshine while it's being stroked. Walking amongst tall trees with nothing man made in sight. Watching birds wildly flap their wings on a mission to arrive at their next destination, or playfully singing and swooping amidst the pink blossoms glistening with rain drops. Listening to music that evokes memories of a time and place that felt so good. Inhaling the intoxicating scent of a red rose or white gardenia or blue hyacinth and lingering there a while. A hot bath, surrounded by candles and perhaps even filled with floating rose petals. Being with someone who loves you and discovering there's a giggle inside you after all. Curling up with a book, if that's your thing, and entering a world of mystery within its pages.

What makes it better is choosing to do something we enjoy and that nourishes our soul.

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Photo by Tricia Karp