Radiant & Ready Retreat 

Ubud, Bali

* Please note: Due to COVID-19, all international retreats are on hold. Please join my mailing list to be updated when new retreat dates are announced

For every woman there comes a time.


It’s a moment when you say, “Enough. I’m done.”

"I'm done with feeling tired, stressed out and busy."

"I'm done with feeling disconnected from my aliveness, joy and inspiration."


“And after everything I’ve lived through – the love and loss, the pain, the grief, the pushing, the shoving, the striving, the settling, the trying so hard, the compromising, the selling out – I’m ready to choose myself.”


“I’m ready to choose my power and my beauty and my truth."

"I'm ready for more energy and aliveness than I've felt in years."

“I’m ready to fall in love with myself, including my body."


“I’m ready.”




Congratulations. I’m so glad you’re here!

You're invited to your power and radiance

Why does it have to be so hard?

The world wasn't designed for us women and it certainly wasn't designed by us.

If the aliveness, inspiration and joy that you deeply desire seem to be just out of reach you're not alone.

This is the plight of the modern woman. The world doesn't encourage us - and how do we manage anyway - to take  time and space to slow down and reconnect with our bodies and pleasure to restore the energy, aliveness and balance for which we so desperately long.

At the Radiant & Ready retreat, you'll remember who you are and discover that balance. More inspiration, radiance, please and potent feminine energy and creativity guaranteed!

What you'll receive

Here's what I promise you at the Radiant &  Ready retreat:

​A community of women who are kind and supportive.

Lots of fun. So much fun!

Indulging in pleasure, connecting with the beauty of nature and our bodies, dancing, celebrating, playing and delicious food. These are essential for our feminine power to rise and sparkle.

Here's how we'll do it. You'll:

  • Learning feminine Taoist and Tantric practices to empower you to be more of the amazing woman you really are

  • Learn how to open your heart and connect with your life force energy, sensuality and vitality (no more depleted woman syndrome)

  • Discover the power of pleasure (it's such a powerful healer)

  • Take part in special ceremonies and rituals to let go of the old and invite the new

  • Meditate, dance, learn Qigong self-healing techniques and do shadow work

  • Discover a deep sense of self-worth, meaning and love

  • Awaken and claim your power, beauty and feminine wisdom

And so much more...

A note on Tantra:

Tantra is often misunderstood and tends to conjure a lot of fear for people, mostly with concerns about taking part in unsafe or uncomfortable sexual practices or situations. 

I want you to know that some of the practices we'll do in this retreat use sexual energy to help us open our hearts and reach higher states of love. Our sexual energy is simply our creative life force energy. You don't have to have sex to access it, or even use it sexually. Knowing how to work with this energy has many health benefits for our vitality and radiance. That's what we'll work on in this retreat. I guarantee you there'll be no sexual activity or nudity.

Your guide for this special remembering

I've had many titles over the years including award-winning TV and radio journalist and presenter, business owner, best-selling author,  executive coach, corporate trainer, astrologer, mother and fierce advocate for women's power. I'm also a Tao Tantric Arts (sacred femininity) teacher. 

Beyond titles, what matters to me most is redeeming the glory of the feminine in a world that mostly doesn't even know what that means.

I stand for our pain, silence, rage, body hatred, shame and disconnection... and our beauty, vulnerability, sensuality and pleasure as the path back to our power.

I've worked with hundreds of women around the world in the past ten years, and presented to hundreds more. I've run sold-out workshops and retreats, and published two books including an Amazon number one  bestseller. I've also lived a lot of life. I've navigated divorce, bouts of severe fatigue, doses of depression and anxiety, and the kind of crippling grief that made me question how the rest of the world could function normally around me. Each time I've risen from the ashes, fuelled by self-trust and a belief in my worth and who I'm here to be in this world.

I'm known for helping women step into and own their power, and creating spaces filled with safety, support and so much love, where every woman can come to the majesty of her own truth and magnificence.

Radiant & Ready is the result of my vision and deep desire to restore the beauty, power and pleasure of the feminine to our world. 

Who is this retreat for?

Radiant & Ready is for every woman who, deep down, sense there has to be more.

It's for every woman who's ready for lots more energy and to feel more alive than she has in years.

It's for every woman who's ready to own more of her power and live her truth.

It's for every woman who's ready to take her space in the world without apology for who she is.

It's for every woman who's ready to reclaim her wisdom and meet herself in her feminine power. 

It's for every woman who wants to make peace with her body and even start to love it - for real.

It's for every woman who's ready to own her unique beauty and be honoured for it.

It's for every woman who values herself enough to take time out from her ordinary world and step into the temple of herself, to remember who she is.

It's for every woman who wants to play and laugh and have more fun than she has in ages.

It's for every woman who wants to meet herself in her radiance and get ready to re-enter the world in all her magnificence.

Our schedule

We'll meet for the first time in our private temple at 4.30pm. On the final day we'll finish by noon. 

Our days will look like this:

8 - 8.30am             Meditation or Qigong

8.30 - 10.30am      Breakfast 

10.30 - 12.30pm    Rituals, processes and practices, circles and dance

12.30 - 4.30pm      Lunch and time to yourself to relax by the pool, have a massage or rest

4.30 - 6.30pm        Practices and excursions

7pm                       Dinner at the retreat centre

8pm                       On certain evenings we'll have special ceremonies, finishing by 9pm

Where we'll stay

We'll spend 5 nights at The Damayanti, a boutique retreat centre in Ubud, Bali.

Ubud is the spiritual, cultural and artistic centre of Bali. 

The Damayanti offers privacy, stillness, beauty and nourishing meals to support us as we begin to walk the path of our power, beauty and truth in our private temple.

The Damayanti is in the heart of Ubud, so you'll have easy access to Bali's cultural epicentre with world-class restaurants, temples, galleries, spas and shopping.

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What's included

Your retreat includes:

  • All activities - rituals to clear the old and invite the new, meditation, Qigong, group processes, dance, circles and a few surprises!

  • 5 nights' accommodation at The Damayanti

  • Daily delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • A beautiful gong sound healing ceremony at the Pyramids of Chi

  • A sacred cacao ceremony to open and melt into our hearts in our private temple

  • A 60 minute Balinese massage

  • WiFi and daily housekeeping

Airport transfers are not included. We can help you organise the easiest, cheapest and best option.  

Once you've registered and paid your deposit we'll send you a welcome pack with information about airport transfers, insurance, check-in times for The Damayanti, extra accommodation before or after the retreat, what to bring, and what's useful to know in Bali. 

Secure your place now  


Your investment for Radiant & Ready includes your retreat fee, accommodation, all meals and activities. 

Please note that pricing is in Australian dollars.

These are your options:

  • Single room  $2350

  • Twin share    $2050

If you live locally and don't need accommodation please get in touch with me for pricing.

You have two payment options to secure your place:

Option 1

Pay in full, up front

Option 2

Pay a $550 non-refundable deposit, then pay the balance once month before the retreat starts.

To secure your place, please get in touch.

Your space is confirmed once your payment has been received.

Please note: If you feel the call to join us and the only thing holding you back is the financial investment, I'm happy to discuss a customised payment plan with you. Get in touch with me here.

Cancellation policy

There are strictly no refunds. Once you have made a payment to secure your place you are committed to pay  the full amount. We are financially responsible for the retreat and ask you to respect that exceptions can't be made to this agreement.

It's important that you have "Cancel for any reason" insurance to cover anything unexpected that might prevent you from taking part in the retreat. There is more information about this in the welcome pack you'll receive after you secure your place.

If you have any questions you're welcome to contact me.

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