Sacred Purpose sessions

I believe each of us has a sacred purpose, a calling in our life.

We are all essential on the planet at this time. That's why we're here.

When we understand our soul’s purpose, and live in ways that are aligned with it, we experience deeper levels of our power, meaning and satisfaction. We’re aware of the lessons we’re here to learn, the unique gifts we carry, and what we’re here to offer the world. And we get to work, ensuring that our life is a grounded and embodied expression of our sacred purpose.

This isn’t some wacky-doo-dah idea of why you’re here, and it’s not what you were told and sold by your family when you were growing up, or society. Your soul’s purpose is in your bones, it’s the real you, it’s the steps you’re longing to take in your life. It’s the path that calls you home. It offers deep satisfaction.

When we’re not living our purpose it has us question our very existence. It's painful. We feel like we never quite fit somehow, or we're not doing or being who we suspect deep down we really are. We wonder why we're here, and if this is all there is?


If you don’t know what your soul’s purpose is, or you need a firm reminder, or you'd love some help to work out how to live yours in your the daily life, let's bring it alive together. I'll help you identify and birth your sacred purpose, navigate your path, and live the truth of who you are and who the world's longing for you to be.

For Sacred Purpose sessions I use a blend of Shamanic and western astrology with an emphasis on the Divine Feminine, Human Design, mythology and archetypes, and deep intuition. My mission, always, is to guide you home to your power and truth.

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This is a 60 minute session over Zoom.


I'll spend time preparing your charts beforehand, and record the session for you. You're welcome to bring specific questions to this session, and email me background information before the session.

I'll need your date, time and place (city or town) of birth to prepare. If you're unsure of your exact birth time please let me know before our session together.

Your investment is $347. 

Please get in touch to organise your session. Once we've confirmed a time you'll be sent an invoice. Payment secures your session.

If you have questions, you're welcome to contact me directly. I'm the only person reading those emails, so whatever you say will be private and confidential. 

I'm eternally grateful for the timing of my session with Tricia. Life has been an absolute whirlwind of events since that life-changing session. I doubt I would be making decisions so rooted in conscious self-care without it. I can't imagine anyone approaching me with more sensitivity and gentle strength as we looked at some major life events. The clarity and insight have been hugely beneficial. The session offered me a grounding point. It was exactly what I needed to move forward with intention and to create the life I truly want. Sometimes, with the right conditions, behavioural changes can happen in an instant. That's how I feel about my experience with Tricia.

~ Amy Rootvik



Tricia has the rare combination of extreme insight and accuracy with she conveyed beautifully. The skill that she carries made me feel as though she could see straight into the core of who I am, and helped to cut through to key areas that had been denied importance. Her unique counselling skills combined with her compassionate yet direct approach made me feel lovingly supported as some strong issues surfaced. My consultation has brought waves of clarity that have been filtering through for days since. It has been invaluable in helping me formulate changes in my life. If you are seeking direction, to understand your sacred purpose, or greater self-understanding, I would highly recommend a consultation with Tricia.

~ Natalie G


I have been the beneficiary of Tricia's services for many years. She has provided me with insights into my sacred purpose, life direction and personality, as well as the best timing for decisions relating to my life, work and relationships. There are times when I have deeply personal dilemmas that I explore in Tricia's sessions. As well as being very grounded in her approach, Tricia always makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I can explore any topic and her insights are sensitive, objective and empathic. I feel very supported to gather the information necessary to take a proactive approach to opportunities, challenges and change in my personal and work life.

~ Melanie Manton

My session with Tricia resonated deeply with me. She has an extraordinary ability to capture the essence of your sacred purpose with clarity and sensitivity. Tricia is highly skilled and was able to translate my purpose in words that I understood and indeed felt. She was incredibly accurate and she also reminded me to trust myself and listen to my intuition. I felt empowered and affirmed by the experience and I thank Tricia for sharing her gift with me.

~ Vanessa Alexander

My session with Tricia was insightful and inspiring and gave me a great deal to think about and look towards. Intuitive and articulate, Tricia is gifted. Time with her is to be treasured.

~ Nuala Hafner