To help you remember who you are
- in your power, truth and pleasure –
my work is in the following three areas:
Healing, Honing & Honouring

    I work in-person with women and couples. My sessions for men are offered online only.

Here's what you can expect from our work together:


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  • Genuine love for yourself and your body

  • A stronger connection with your innate, divine feminine power

  • A magnetic presence

  • More confidence in every area of your life

  • Owning your voice and standing in your power 

  • More meaning, fulfilment and purpose in your life

  • More energy and vitality (no more Depleted Woman Syndrome)

  • Ownership of your feminine power, beauty and wisdom 

  • More sensuality, heart and spirituality

  • Greater pleasure and joy, including during sex

  • Expanded orgasmic potential

  • Deeper connection in lovemaking


  • A more open heart that’s connected with your sexual (life force) energy

  • More connection physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • To be able to connect and communicate in ways that honour, respect and revere women, and invite them to open more deeply and intimately with you

  • More aliveness, sensuality and pleasure in your body, as well as deep relaxation

  • More pleasure when there’s no pressure to perform or achieve an outcome

  • Greater pleasure during sex

  • Expanded orgasmic potential

  • Renewed passion, self-worth and adventure for your life


  • Deeper intimacy

  • A more sacred connection

  • Better understanding of you and your partner’s needs in sex, love and relationship

  • Better communication

  • Deeper connection emotionally and physically

  • More pleasure



Playing small .  Not speaking up .  Sexual trauma . Body shame . Intimacy . Sexual shame . Owning & expressing desire . Owning & expressing pleasure . Healing through pleasure . Old belief systems . Emotional & energetic blockages . Boundaries & Permission . Forgiveness



Learning & strengthening skills in: Awakening sexual energy . Meditation . Communication . Conscious Relating . Conscious Dating . Breast massage . Jade egg . Qigong . Intimacy . Pleasure . Orgasm . Self-love . Sexual Control . Becoming multiorgasmic . Intimacy . Conscious touch . Sensual massage . Speaking powerfully



We’ve forgotten how to honour one another.
Few men know how to genuinely honour a woman. Few women know how to honour a man, let alone allow themselves to be truly honoured.
I offer Tantric Rituals for women to honour you in your sacredness.
I can also teach you how to conduct your own rituals to honour the woman or man you love.

I offer sessions in-person and over Zoom


Individual sessions & ongoing coaching programs are always tailored to suit you.

Please get in touch so that we can have a chat about what you want and need.

Tantric Rituals

I offer private tantric rituals for women and couples.


More information:

Tantric Rituals for Women

Tantric Rituals for Couples

$650 for a 3 hour session + a 15 minute consultation – Contact me for availability

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In-person availability for 2021: Adelaide, Australia. Travel by private arrangement.

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