I've been speaking professionally for more than 20 years and am available as a guest or keynote speaker, emcee and workshop facilitator.

My goal is always to inspire, motivate and empower members of my audiences as I support them to strengthen connection and create more meaningful and satisfying relationships, with a partner, family and friends, or at work. All presentations and workshops are tailored specifically to your audience, whether for events, functions or in-house corporate training.

My presentations are story-driven. I'm known for my engaging style. I'm also known for not using slides. If you have an expectation that slides should be included - and heavily used - in a presentation, I'm not the speaker for you.

Let's speak about your next event


"Tricia has a piercing style. She's a compelling example of a kind of Ghandi-esque quiet force" ~ Marcus Crow, Founder 10,000 Hours

"Tricia is a dynamic and humble speaker. I was so inspired during her talk that I hung off every word" ~ Josephine Evans, Principal, JPE Design


"Tricia is great to work with as an MC and incredibly professional, taking on board all our ideas and plans for the Congress this year, and what we needed from the MC. Tricia has a natural rapport with the speakers putting them at ease and getting them to open up. She exudes warmth and approachability in her presenting style. Our Congress was extremely well reviewed by delegates. Tricia's professionalism as MC contributed to the success of the event by bringing all the elements together and providing a seamless flow to the event. Thank you Tricia!" ~ Rachel Bakker, Conference Producer at CPA Australia

"Tricia Karp was guest speaker at our young women's leadership networking event sharing his wisdom on communicating with confidence. Tricia captivates her audience, clearly communicates her message, inspires and informs. There is a healthy balance between passion and compassion in Tricia's communication, and most importantly, she is genuine. It is evident there is a deep level of experience that shine's through in Tricia's knowledge and she is generous in her sharing of stories. Tricia clearly loves her work and deeply believes in what she is doing and this radiates from her and touches everyone in a room when she is speaking" ~ Chelsea Lewis, Communications Manager, YWCA of Adelaide

"I have seen Tricia present on a number of occasions and what always strikes me is her passion in helping people to engage in communicating effectively and her warmth and the authentic self she brings to her presenting. I always come away feeling that Tricia isn't just doing this for a job, it's who she is. Her ability to engage with audiences from a large range of backgrounds is always couched in a genuine respect for the listener and a generosity that's contagious. Tricia doesn't just make you think she is approachable, she darn well makes sure that you know she is" ~ Jody Anderson, Training Officer

"Tricia is a remarkably inspiring woman and it was with such pleasure that I was able to listen to her presentation. This has helped me regain back the energy and enthusiasm to help assist me with not only my job role, but also within my personal life" ~ Kathryn Graves, Relationship Manager, Westpac