Tantric Ritual Sessions for Men
Calling all warriors of the heart…

In ancient times it was an act of worship, a service of the highest form, for a powerful
woman to welcome a man into her temple and honour him in his divinity.

A man would leave this ritual cleansed and reunited with the gods.

This practice is long forgotten.

Few men have had the experience of being seen and worshipped in their
sacredness, keeping them disconnected from their true power.

The world is urgently calling for men who are warriors of the heart.

Men who are powerful, sensitive, authentic and expansive, so they can bring their
deepest gifts to other men, women and children.

I believe that when men are honoured in their divinity, more of these gifts will be
bestowed upon us all.

A Tantric Ritual is an opportunity for you to experience deeper levels of the power,
beauty and innocence of your warrior heart, sexual energy and pleasure.

During our time together you’ll:
  • Open your heart and connect it with your sexual (life force) energy so you can reach higher states of love for yourself and during lovemaking

  • Get out of your head and into your body so you can become more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Connect and communicate in ways that honour, respect and revere women, and invite them to open more deeply and intimately with you

  • Experience more aliveness, sensuality and pleasure in your body, as well as
    deep relaxation

  • Discover the healing power of pleasure when there’s no pressure to perform
    or achieve an outcome

  • Discover renewed passion, self-worth and adventure for your life

My rituals are designed specifically for you, based on your interests, desires and
needs. We’ll discuss these before our time together, so that I can create the right
ritual for you.

Your Tantric Ritual might include a variation of the following:

  • Meditation

  • Taoist & Tantric energy and healing practices

  • Awakening your senses

  • Tantric connecting & communicating

  • Tantric touch

I will honour you so you can remember who you truly are as a man, a warrior of the

Tantric Ritual sessions are 3 hours. A 15-minute phone/Skype consultation is
required before our session.

You’ll be able to continue using some of the practices after our time together. I’ll
explain these to you.

Please note: There is no sexual activity involved in a Tantric Ritual.

Tantra is often misunderstood and tends to conjure a lot of fear for people, mostly with concerns about taking part in unsafe or uncomfortable sexual practices or situations.

I want you to know that some of the practices we’ll do use sexual energy to help you open your heart and reach higher states of love. Our sexual energy is simply our creative life force energy. You don’t have to have sex to access it, or even use it sexually. Knowing how to work with this energy has many health benefits for your vitality and ability to reach higher states of love and pleasure. That’s what we’ll work on together. I guarantee you there’ll be no sexual activity.

Tantric Ritual sessions are $650.

To find out more and request a session, please click the "Request A Session" button below, fill out the form, and email a recent photo of you to support@triciakarp.com.

You’ll be contacted soon after your information has been received.

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