Jenni O 

I reached out to Tricia because she helped me to connect to myself more in the past and I was ready to do the work and grow in a new relationship. My challenges were around communication and my "Wonder Woman" behaviour. I wanted to communicate better to meet my partner's needs and create the relationship we wanted and deserved. Tricia artfully cuts through to the deeper issues and provides practical steps to change things. I have been practising making these simple changes and it has had a huge impact on our relationship. There is so much less angst and push and pull. There is more acceptance, team work, affection and expression of feelings. If you have relationship challenges or just want to do better for your partner or yourself, I highly recommend Tricia. Her sessions are private and safe, and Tricia comes from a loving place with just the right amount of directness and humour. 

Dean P 

I recently attended a retreat with Tricia and a group of women and men to connect authentically. Tricia facilitated the event with such a gentle, clear, loving space. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said they felt so blessed and grateful to be there. I've run men's circles for a number of years and I know how important 'safe space' is. Tricia embodies this quality. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to explore their inner world and do it with an authentic, loving, committed leader.

Katarzyna M

Working with Tricia is like mixing intense coaching and therapy with the beautiful dance of laughter and reconnection with myself. Her very presence made me feel at home, and her sense of humour made me laugh at my conditioning and forced self-beliefs. Working with her brought lightness to my relationship and life and far exceeded my expectations.

Tijmen H

My experience of working with Tricia is that she knows how to create a safe environment where vulnerability, personal growth, and more (self) love are a guarantee.

Ron L

I came with an open mind to working with Tricia and I was blown away. I picked up new tools and exercises that I was able to take home and introduce into my relationship and they made a real difference. Highly recommended!

Kristen D

Working with Tricia has been a real eye opener of what's possible, a great way to look inside and shed a few layers, and go away feeling lighter and ready to make changes in my relationship and life. I now know I can live a lighter freer life and not pay as much attention to conditioning and judgment. Tricia's not judgmental and I felt really comfortable and at ease working with her.

Agneta J

Working with Tricia has been life shifting. I am so much more grounded and connected to myself. I feel I'm also more in touch with my feelings, sensations, sensuality and sexuality. I can see my beauty.Working with Tricia has been amazing, beyond words.

Peta A

This is the third workshop of Tricia's I have attended and again it was worth stepping away from my usual routine for. Tricia's workshops are safe, nurturing, respectful, joyful, lovingly embracing and transformative. 

Pam C

I'd been feeling exhausted, not myself, dealing with some really big emotional changes in my life. I now feel an aliveness back to me, a remembering of who I am. I feel a lot stronger in myself. Working with Tricia was so positive and helpful.