The Underworld Journey

A wise, dear friend asked to see the photos from a shoot I did in Bali for this website. 

We were chatting about initiations into the dark, which are really journeys into our own underworld, our own darkness and shadows. The Underworld is where we discover what's hidden within us - shoved down or repressed, usually in the name of being good, nice and acceptable in this world. It's also where so much of our power is residing, longing to be reclaimed. I was emerging from one of my own potent underworld journeys which contained the key to seeing and understanding all the ways I'd abandoned  and lost myself in relationships with men. I was re-entering the upper world with the treasures of more self-awareness and understanding, deeper wisdom to teach the women who are called to work with me, and an entirely new level of power, life force, and vitality. I was feeling fierce and creatively fired up.

My friend, while looking at my photos, said they were akin to the Underworld journey. We arranged them

in a certain order to track what it's like to enter the Underworld, spend time there, and then re-emerge. It wasn't my intention when I did the photoshoot, nor the photographer's, so the photos weren't taken to match that idea. My friend just happened to see the journey laid out before her.

It was a fun creative exercise to arrange the photos and I thought I'd share them here so they can help you better understand the Underworld journey. The truth is that we must enter the Underworld to recover and reclaim our power. Not all Underworld journeys are equal. Some require a short visit. Others require us to stay a while. They each have their own season and they are all sacred. We always re-enter the upper world with gifts of much more power and life force.

Each photo has a caption explaining the stages of the Underworld. Click on the photo on the far left (the one with the gold umbrellas) to start.

The photos were taken by Gaelyn Larrick.