Turned On &Fired Up!

Are you ready?

There’s a power we all have that most of us don’t know anything about.


If we do find out about it we usually don’t understand it, because we’re so used to being judged for or ashamed by what we've been told it is.


That’s a problem because, once you know how to work with it, you can focus and direct it into every area of your life to get results beyond anything you've already known.


It’ll help you have:


  • Better relationships

  • More confidence and self-worth

  • Loads more energy

  • More success, creativity and money

  • A feeling of being much more turned-on by your life

  • Renewed passion and adventure for your life

  • Way better sex


You can choose which areas of your life you want to direct it.


You just need to know how.


The power I’m talking about is your sexual energy. It has nothing to do with sex.


It’s the same as your life force energy, your creativity. It’s the most potent energy we have.


I’m inviting you to kick things to an entirely new level in your life so that you can get the results you want.


More fire in your heart and belly guaranteed, along with plenty of pleasure and enjoyment thrown in.

Sound good?

Get Fired Up!
Here's how it works


Turned On & Fired Up! is a 6 week online group program.


You’ll receive:


  • Weekly live and recorded videos and lessons to help you set your intentions for what you want to manifest, and ignite your energy

  • Clarity on what you want, and instruction on how to start powerfully creating it using your sexual/life force energy

  • Daily support from me in our dedicated private Facebook group to answer your questions

  • A supportive community where you can share your questions and insights - and get much more powerful results than if you tried to do this on your own

  • Lifetime access to the group. This means that each time the program runs again, you're welcome to be part of it to refresh your knowledge and build your energy - at no extra  charge. Once you're in this group, you're in!

We start on Monday March 9th!

Your Investment


Turned On & Fired Up is just $567. You have two easy payment options:


One payment of US$567:

OR, Two Fortnightly Payments of US$290

Your Guide to Your Erotic Power 

I’m a transformational leader in the sacred, erotic mysteries.


I guide women and men who sense deep down there has to be more, and are ready to awaken to their own truth and aliveness.


My clients want to feel deeply fulfilled in life and their relationships, and recognise that their innate sexuality is a potential gateway to more power and pleasure in every part of their lives.


Through embodiment, dance, Tantra and Tao, ritual and pleasure, I guide and support my clients home to themselves.


I work intensively 1:1 with clients, and as an international workshop and retreat facilitator, speaker, and writer.


I do my best work with people who seek depth and are ready for a leap that’s nothing short of revolutionary.


We all have an entire universe of possibility within us. I’m here to help you access yours, using the wisdom of the sacred erotic arts as our loving guide.


All's I can say is WOW! What a powerful training session I had with you recently. I was very interested in the subject of harnessing my life force energy. I had a rudimentary idea of what this was before I saw you. But it is fair to say my knowledge is now on a whole new level! You made the space very comfortable and safe for this to happen. There was no pressure or expectations, and this was very helpful. 


In a matter of a few short hours I learnt some amazing skills that will help me in all areas of my life. Before I saw you, I did think life force energy was purely sexual energy. I now know it is so much more than this. I have  started using the techniques you taught me, and they have quickly become part of my everyday life. 


I can’t thank you enough for teaching me these skills. Your integrity and empathy played a big part in my learning. I was able to fully engage in the experience because of the way you conducted the session.

- Michael, Australia

©2021 by Tammie Brooks