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Whole & Holy
Whole & Holy workshop: Adelaide, starting May 5, 2021

"It took me a long, long time to realise we are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole" ~ Jane Fonda


There comes a time in every woman’s life when nice and good and acceptable get tedious, even offensive.


A time when it annoys us that we still care about what other people think, and we wonder why we still say yes instead of no.


A time when we’re willing to dare to name, claim, and take what we want for ourselves – without apology.


A time when we there’s a me we long to be but know we shouldn’t reveal.


A time when we’re ready to discover and unleash all the power we carry that's been hiding in the dark, deemed "unacceptable" by a world still governed by rules that are not our own.

A time to celebrate the mystery, magic and beauty of ALL of who we really are.

What we'll do together

We’ll meet one night a week week, for six weeks, in our private temple. 


Through sacred ritual, embodied movement and dance, we’ll bring six of the dark feminine archetypes within us to life. These archetypes are some of the most misunderstood - and feared - aspects of women. Each of them carries enormous power, aliveness and radiance. Each of them has been denigrated in the name of control.

Together we'll access, get to know and own the gifts they have to offer us and become more whole – and holy.  


We’ll get out of our heads and move our bodies home to ALL of who we are, in our glorious wise feminine power and radiance.


These are the archetypes we'll explore and embody:

Holy Manipulator – She plays games and manipulates to get her own way. She doesn’t own her authority. Her relationship to power is fraught with danger for fear or not being liked or loved. She’s easily overburdened and resentful.


She’s here to teach us how to embody the full expression of our mature power with vulnerability, grace and wisdom, so that we can own who we are and what we want without worrying about what anyone else thinks.



Holy Slut – Once upon a time the word slut referred to a dirty, "slovenly" woman. These days people think a slut a woman who’s promiscuous, or dresses "inappropriately". Whichever way you look at it, slut is used to denigrate women. It might be a word you don't like. Perhaps it's triggering to hear it. If it offends you you can replace it with temptress or seductress. The point is this: so much of what's sacred and powerful about us as women - including our sexuality - is misunderstood and defiled.


The slut is really about confidence, permission, play and sexual liberation. She carries joy, pleasure and radiance. She loves her body and she loves being seen. She’s here to teach us to own the power of being a Sexually Liberated Uninhibited Temptress. This means owning your sensuality and sexuality and the beauty of your body, however you choose to express that.


It's different for every woman. What's the same though is that when we access this part of ourselves we feel joyfully free and energised, and we become so magnetic.

I want to assure you that there'll be absolutely no nudity or sexual activity in our group. You'll simply be moving your body through dance in ways that bring alive this glorious energy within you - and you'll be celebrated for it.

Holy Bitch – She isn’t thoughtful, considerate, patient or fair. She’s angry and aggressive, contemptuous and destructive. She knows what she doesn’t want. She’ll use what she can to destroy it. She rips apart what is wrong to create change.


Her energy is wild and free. She’s not about complying with social conventions or expectations. She’s here to teach us to create our own path, our own way, aligned with our own truth  - and that's what you'll do.



Holy Boss – She’s in charge. She’s in control. She expects others to obey her. She sits on her throne and doles out orders. It’s her way or the highway and she doesn’t care whether you like it or not.


She’s here to teach us to clearly and firmly name, claim and take what we want for ourselves - without apology. This isn't about entitlement or aggression. It's about authentic embodied leadership. It's about knowing what we want and stating it clearly in ways that get results. We are all leaders and followers in different relationships, systems and circumstances. When it comes to our own lives, desires and needs we need to be leaders for ourselves and claim what only we can.

Holy Witch – She has the power to create and destroy. She wants change and carefully controls how it’s created so that it happens her way. She’s depicted as angry, bitter and ugly. She carries in her soul the weight of resentment and resignation of having never created the opportunity to have, do or be what we she really wants.


She’s here to teach us how to grasp our dreams, stay centred and focused on our goals, and calmly create what we want using our intuition and connection to our body, nature, and life's rhythms and cycles. She shows us how to live in ways that feed rather than deplete us - with greater flow, receptivity and spiritual connection.


Holy Old Bag – She’s been around. She’s lived a lot of life. She’s decided what’s good and bad, right and wrong, based on the years she’s lived, and she doesn’t have a problem telling people all about it. She judges others for making mistakes.


She’s here to teach you how to accept who you are and the reality of your life. She’s here to teach you how to not care about what others think, but to live according to your own vision and creative expression - and that's what you'll do. To the Holy Old Bag, truth is everything. She’s also here to teach you how to guide others with her wisdom.

Your Guide for this Special Reclaiming


I’ve had many titles over the years, including award-winning TV and radio journalist and presenter, business owner, best-selling author, executive coach, astrologer, corporate trainer, mother and fierce advocate for women’s power. I’m also a Tao Tantric Arts (sacred femininity) teacher and priestess.

Beyond titles, what matters most to me is redeeming the glory of the Feminine in a world that mostly doesn’t even know what that means.

I stand for our pain, silence, rage, body hatred, shame and disconnection… and our beauty, vulnerability, authenticity, sensuality and pleasure as the path back to our power.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women around the world, and presented to hundreds more. I’ve run sold-out workshops and international retreats, and published two books, including an Amazon international number one best-seller. I’ve also lived a lot of life. I’m a one-woman show and a full-time single mum. I’ve navigated divorce, bouts of severe fatigue, doses of depression and anxiety, and the kind of crippling grief that made me question how the rest of the world could function normally around me. Each time I’ve risen from the ashes, fuelled by self-trust and a belief in my worth and who I’m here to be in this world.

I’m known for helping women to step into and own their power, and creating spaces filled with safety, support and so much love, where every woman can come to the majesty of her own truth and magnificence.

Whole &  Holy is the result of my vision and deep desire to restore the beauty, power and pleasure of the Feminine to our world.

"I am so much more grounded and connected into my feminine self. Also to my divine self. I feel I'm also so much more in touch with my feelings and sensations and sensuality and sexuality. I can see my beauty. When I look at myself in the mirror I can see that I'm quite another person. It's amazing, beyond words" ~ Agneta Jonsson


"It's been a great way to look inside and shed a few layers and go away feeling lighter and more ready to make changes in my life and relationships. I'll take away the possibility that I can live a lighter and freer life and not pay too much attention to conditioning and judgment. Tricia is so open and non-judgmental, whatever you say is ok, whatever happens is fine, she made me feel really comfortable and at ease" ~ Kirsten Donovan

"Incredible, absolutely amazing journey that I didn't think I needed. We did things outside my comfort zone but the learning, the softening of my heart has been incredible. I've felt so nurtured and so feminine. I think we lose that in everyday life. Tricia has amazing intuition, timing, care and kindness that she brings" ~ Lisa Redman

* Please note: these testimonials are from women who've worked with me in other workshops & retreats

Is Whole & Holy for you?

Whole & Holy is for every woman who wants more.

More love for herself and others, and her life. To be more genuinely loving in her relationships rather than behaving in ways that don't serve her or her relationship.


More joy and fun, more inner peace. More self-acceptance of her being and body and beauty. More pleasure. More sensuality. More sexiness. More power and freedom. More genuinely supportive community.

More truth.

It’s also for every woman who doesn’t want to live in the past anymore, bound to old stories of contraction, silence, or smallness, and reactive in ways that diminish her power and ability to love.

It’s for every woman who wants to choose aliveness instead of numbness. Self-love and pleasure instead of trying to fill the empty spaces with what doesn’t serve her.

It’s for every woman who wants to have much more energy, and feel more radiant and powerful.

Claim your Space Now

Early Bird Registration for Whole & Holy is now open (save $200).

There are limited spaces. I keep my groups small and intimate to ensure a supportive environment and rich experience for all women who participate.

Whole & Holy is on the following Wednesdays from 6.30 - 8.30pm:

May 5, 12, 19 & 26  

June 2 & 9

It's happening at my private Temple of Grace in Adelaide's eastern suburbs. You'll be sent the address upon registration.

Early bird registration is open until March 30 (save $200)

There are two easy payment options:

Option 1

Pay in full

$797 + GST (save $200)


Option 2

Easy payment plan (save $200).


Secure your place with a non-refundable $300 + GST deposit.


The balance of $497 + GST is due by May 1st.



Questions? You're welcome to call me on 0412 810 305 or email me: tricia (@)

Please note: There are no refunds or cancellations. I have a "no excuses" policy. Your space is being held for you. Your payments for workshop programs, including your initial deposit if you make one, are non-refundable. When you invest in a workshop program you're making a commitment to yourself and what you want for yourself. Stand by it. Respect your commitment and time. And mine please. Say a wholehearted yes to what you've signed up for and show up. You'll be so glad you did.

"The women drawn to Tricia's workshops are a credit to her feminine power. Her leadership is real and inspiring. This is a safe space to work on, learn and love more of the beauty within you" ~ Rebecca Coombs

"I've worked with Tricia a number of times and she pushes you out of your comfort zone, there is no doubt. But it's through that that things are released and you continue to grow as a person. We experienced tears and laughter and love and connection and letting go of things that no longer serve us. We came away feeling more feminine, softer of heart, more connected to our feminine energy and that of other women, and a real sense of joy and love for each other, the people we already loved and the world generally. This is much bigger than us. I encourage you to sit with the fear because you will come out the other end in a beautiful place. I know I can trust Tricia to hold me safe and that she will have the right people there and that's magic" ~ Carolyn Parrella

"A beautiful space to honour myself and to re-learn how to fill my cup and nurture me. Thank you so much Tricia for bringing me back home to myself" ~ Tori Wilckens

Let's address your resistance...

If you don't feel any resistance at all then Whole & Holy likely isn't for you.


It's normal to feel apprehensive, even fearful, about confronting our shadows. But it's never anywhere near as "bad" as what our fear tells us it will be. There's always a lot of play and laughter and fun in my workshops - and there's so much liberation, delight and aliveness on the other side.

The most common feedback I receive is that I create safe and supportive spaces, filled with love and care, for women to venture outside their comfort zone.

If you're feeling the pull of Yes, I want this! followed by I can’t really afford it or I don’t have time right now or This is too scary, I invite you to trust whatever is drawing you to this workshop. It might be an inkling or a feeling or some kind of inexplicable knowing. Trust that.


Often resistance is fear, although sometimes it can be a sign that something isn't right for you. It's important to be able to discern the difference. If you need help with this you're welcome to get in touch.

Stepping in to a workshop like this requires a sense of adventure and a sincere desire for more pleasure, aliveness, joy and power in your life. It requires acknowledging what you want and being willing to do something about it. 

You’ll be surrounded by a group of kind women and loved and supported every step of the way. I promise.

If you have questions and it'd be helpful for you to have a conversation you're welcome to call me on 0412 810 305. Otherwise feel free to email me: tricia (@)


Secure your Space Now

Early bird registration is open until March 30 (save $200)

There are two easy payment options:

Option 1

Pay in full

$797 + GST (save $200)


Option 2

Easy payment plan (save $200)

Secure your place with a non-refundable $300 + GST deposit.


The balance of $497 + GST is due by May 1st.


"I feel grounded again with an aliveness back to me and feeling a lot stronger in myself. Tricia is a force of nature, it was amazing, she is somebody that will assist you to get to your edges in a really nurturing way. Fun, joy, the creative spaces she holds, I found it all really positive and really helpful" ~ Pam Corcoran

"I’m so grateful to say that working with Tricia, I feel like I’ve become a woman at the ripe old age of 49. Tricia is so much fun but at the same time amongst all that fun there’s a depth of wisdom and a genuine authentic desire from her to support you without judgment. Such a deep love comes from Tricia but it’s lightened with fun and frivolity as well. How absolutely essential it is for us as women to learn  to connect with our feminine, to learn to accept it and appreciate it and not look at it as a weakness which is something I’ve done in the past, but to acknowledge the power in it and make the time to give to yourself and nurture that feminine side" - Trina Baldwin