Wild & Hot Retreat

Ubud, Bali

You opened your heart.


You moved closer to the greatest source of your power as a woman.


You restoked the flames of your sensual essence.


You accessed new levels of pleasure and energy and aliveness in your body.


You took your space and you didn’t apologise for it.


Surrounded by so much love and care, you were celebrated and your feminine power was ignited. You sparkled and glowed with radiance.


You underwent an initiation, an awakening.


Now it’s time to activate your erotic wisdom.

You’re invited to Enter the Temple…
What you’ll Receive


I believe that our radiance is medicine for the world and it's dearly needed.

I want you to know that unlocking your sexuality and having your sexual energy flowing freely has nothing to do with sex itself. 


More importantly, it can be a gateway to your spirit, a homecoming to your divinity.


This is a sacred path to walk for women who are committed to their own power, self-love and truth.

During our time together you’ll:


  • Learn Sacred Erotic Dance

  • Take part in rituals to  release shame and guilt so you can unlock deeper levels of your feminine power 

  • Work with the archetypes that are most suppressed in us and contain our greatest capacity for energy, pleasure, aliveness and power

  • Meditate, practice Qigong, and dance (a lot!)

  • Learn Taoist, Tantric and Sacred Feminine practices to activate your erotic energy and wisdom

  • Discover a deeper sense of true self-love and meet yourself in your divinity


And so much more...

A note on Tantra:

Tantra is often misunderstood and tends to conjure a lot of fear for people, mostly with concerns about taking part in unsafe or uncomfortable sexual practices or situations.

I want you to know that some of the practices we’ll do in this retreat use sexual energy to help us open our hearts and reach higher states of love. Our sexual energy is simply our creative life force energy. You don’t have to have sex to access it, or even use it sexually. Knowing how to work with this energy has many health benefits for our vitality and radiance. That’s what we’ll work on in the retreat. I guarantee you there’ll be no sexual activity or nudity.

Your Guide to Your Erotic Wisdom
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I’ve had many titles over the years, including award-winning TV and radio journalist and presenter, business owner, best-selling author, executive coach, astrologer, corporate trainer, mother and fierce advocate for women’s power. I’m also a Tao Tantric Arts (sacred femininity) teacher and priestess.

Beyond titles, what matters most to me is redeeming the glory of the Feminine in a world that mostly doesn’t even know what that means.

I stand for our pain, silence, rage, body hatred, shame and disconnection… and our beauty, vulnerability, authenticity, sensuality and pleasure as the path back to our power.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women around the world, and presented to hundreds more. I’ve run sold-out workshops and retreats, and published two books, including an Amazon international number one best-seller. I’ve also lived a lot of life. I’m a one-woman show and a full-time single mum. I’ve navigated divorce, bouts of severe fatigue, doses of depression and anxiety, and the kind of crippling grief that made me question how the rest of the world could function normally around me. Each time I’ve risen from the ashes, fuelled by self-trust and a belief in my worth and who I’m here to be in this world.

I’m known for helping women to step into and own their power, and creating spaces filled with safety, support and so much love, where every woman can come to the majesty of her own truth and magnificence.

Wild & Hot is the result of my vision and deep desire to restore the beauty, power and pleasure of the Feminine to our world.


I had been feeling flat in energy, regularly burning out, my self worth had plummeted to a new low and I was at a loss of what to do about it.  Then I saw a video of Tricia, describing her own experience of her teacher training and information about a retreat she was organising to help bring back women into their power.  Although I had fears & doubts about taking the leap, my desire for change outweighed the fear.  And I am eternally grateful I took the leap!  There were so many wonderful & unexpected experiences on this retreat. I experienced a deep opening of my heart in the face of fear, dancing, tears, healing, laughter, connection, witnessing transformation within myself on every level. And witnessing other women’s transformation owning who they are, all in sacred space was deeply profound.  I experienced a remembering who I am again, a divine feminine Goddess. I had never met Tricia before the retreat, we spoke briefly over the phone prior to the retreat yet I could already sense her intuition with supporting my needs was on point!  Tricia is passionate & deeply committed to her work which comes through in all that she does, she has a wicked sense of humour, is authentic & open in her own sharing.... owning and expressing her feminine Goddess power! Since the retreat I have a brightness, which others have noticed too!  I feel alive, happier within myself, strong in my sensual & feminine energy.  I feel radiant & glowing!  Only by going through this experience did I realise just how much I needed to be there. I would recommend this to any woman. If you are reading this, this is the sign for you to take the leap! Every woman deserves to reclaim & express their Goddess power.
~ M.F - Australia

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I have loved Tricia’s work for ten years! Whether one-one, in a group or more recently in Bali for the transformational Reclaimed and Radiant Retreat, Tricia brings love and light, along with profound learning and laughter! Tricia has an innate talent to teach and hold space, so we may connect to our hearts, emotions, divine feminineand inner wisdom. I am always inspired and deeply touched in Tricia’s presence, and the amazing women she attracts, as she generously shares her soul’s work in the world. Tricia’s work honours the power and magic of women everywhere to change the world!

~Kate Woodland, Australia


“When I heard about this retreat I just felt that I needed to go. I literally felt that I was called, that I had to be there, that there’d be something there that I needed for me, for my next version of me, so I did it. I knew everything about it was going to be uncomfortable for me. It was a serious retreat, and it was work, and it was good work. We played and had a lot of fun too. I trust Tricia and she made us all feel safe. There was trust between the other women too and love and vulnerability and human connection. I’ve discovered a new version of myself and it’s truly wonderful. If you’re thinking of doing something like this for yourself, I recommend a retreat with Tricia. She’s a beautiful soul. Listen to your heart, and if it’s feeling called, I totally recommend it. I’ll never forget it, and it keeps sustaining me in my life.”
- Michelle Kneebone, Australia

Who is this Retreat For?


Wild & Hot is for every woman who's ready to let go of emotional and sexual relationship baggage from the past.

It's for every woman who's sick of fitting into boxes that keep her small and are limiting her potential. 

It's for every woman who wants an even deeper, more loving and meaningful relationship with herself and others.

It's for every woman who longs for more inner peace, purpose and spiritual connection, and senses there's something sacred about sexuality.

It's for every woman who wants more confidence in expressing herself everywhere she goes, in every part of her life, so she can shine her light.


It's for every woman who wants to create in more powerful ways that don't wear her out or deplete her, and instead energise her and make her feel more alive.

It's for every woman who wants more power in all aspects of her life, whether that's love, friendships, business, health or finances.

Oh, and she wouldn't mind better orgasms too!

*Please note: Wild & Hot is part 2 of my "Path of the Powerful Woman" retreat series. The prerequisite for taking part is the Radiant & Ready retreat or the Reclaimed & Radiant retreat. If you haven't taken part in either or those retreats, the calendar for them is here. Savings are available to you if you book in to both retreats at the same time. Please get in touch for details. 

Where we’ll Stay

We’ll spend 6 nights at The Damayanti, a boutique retreat centre in Ubud, Bali.

The Damayanti offers privacy, stillness, beauty, and nourishing meals to support us as we begin to walk the path of our power, beauty and truth in our private Temple.

It will be our home and sanctuary, all for us.

The Damayanti is close to the centre of Ubud, so you’ll have easy access to Bali’s cultural epicentre, with world-class restaurants, temples, galleries, spas and shopping.



What’s Included
  • All activities including Qigong, meditation, rituals, group processes, dances, circles and a few surprises!

  • A water purification blessing with a Balinese holy person

  • A beautiful sacred cacao ceremony to open and melt into our hearts

  • 6 nights accommodation at The Damayanti

  • Daily delicious vegetarian buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • A 60 minute Balinese massage

  • Fresh fruit basket, WiFi and daily housekeeping


Please note: Airport transfers are not included, but we can help you organise the easiest, cheapest and best option.

Once you’ve registered and paid your deposit we’ll send you a Welcome Pack with information about airport transfers, check-in times for The Damayanti, extra accommodation before or after the retreat, what to bring, and what’s useful to know in Bali.

Secure your Place Now



Your investment for Wild & Hot includes your retreat fee, accommodation, all meals, and all activities.

Please note: Pricing is in US dollars. You can pay in your own currency at the current bank conversion rate. 

Early Bird registration is now open (save US $500) until November 30th, 2019

These are your options:

  • Single room (4 rooms available): US $2125 (save $500)

  • Twin share (3 rooms available): US $1775 (save $500)


You have 3 payment options to secure your place:

Option 1

Pay in full, up front

Option 2

Pay a US $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. Then you can pay in instalments, 30 days apart, as long as the full payment is received by August 1st, 2020. 

Option 3

Pay a US $500 deposit to secure your place. Then pay the balance by August 1st, 2020

Please note: If you know you need to be at this retreat and require a different payment option, please get in touch. I'm here to support you to make this happen.

To secure your place, please click here to fill out this form with your accommodation and payment preferences. 

Once we receive it you’ll be sent an invoice and payment details. Your place is secured once we’ve received your deposit.

Special Offer...

Level 1 in the “Path of the Powerful Woman” retreats is the Radiant & Ready or Reclaimed & Radiant retreat. You’re invited to book your space in either of those retreats and Wild & Hot at the same time, and make a significant saving. Please get in touch for more details.

Cancellation Policy


There are strictly no refunds. Once you have made a payment to secure your place you are committed to paying the full amount. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to please respect that we can’t make any exceptions to this agreement.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to call me via WhatsApp: +61412810305 or email me at tricia (at) triciakarp.com.